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Why a GoBelieve Internship is the Internship For You!

There are many internships out there, but choosing to be an intern at GoBelieve is and will be the best choice for you and your future. While this internship provides an opportunity to expose yourself to a career that matches your academic and personal interests, GoBelieve also teaches you that you are not just capable of one job but all. Teaching and inspiring others comes natural to GoBelieve leaders. These are two primary jobs of those in influential positions. Here at GoBelieve, we help you become more diverse in the working environment and empower you to do more than you thought you could do. Teamwork is big here, but so is friendship. You will connect on a personal level with not only fellow interns, but your bosses too. With meetings, social hours, and work, you are always interacting with someone. You are a mentor, being mentored, and building relationships all at the same time! Building your network of contacts for the future can be invaluable once you enter the workforce. As the internship comes to an end, you will begin to realize everything you accomplished here and how prepared you will be for your first job out of college. In the beginning, you are just a college student working to get your degree with no experience. You’re equipped only with some general knowledge on what you want to do when you graduate. After our internship, you are an experienced film maker for music videos, a blogger for the New York Times, a music engineer for the next Drake, a marketer creating a brand campaign, or a teacher helping kids learn the pythagorean theorem. All of these skills are things learned at GoBelieve. Your time here is not only an experience but an investment as well. You invest time and hard work so you can show off your skills and capabilities that help GoBelieve grow even more. If you want an internship where you go on coffee runs for the team, think again! The GoBelieve internship program gives students an opportunity to gain real world experience, network, and build their resume to later leave their mark on the world.

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