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“On GoBelieve Culture and Why You Should Care”

It’s no secret that Philadelphia got its bearings early on as a hotspot for government and politics. These days talking about the famed “birthplace of America” doesn’t just mean talking shop — now there’s classic boxing movies and cheesesteaks tacked on in the addendum. Once upon a time the City of Brotherly Love was even known as “the place that loves you back.” Sounds pretty fitting for a city that houses organizations like today’s titular star: GoBelieve Culture.

GoBelieve Culture is a nonprofit powerhouse founded in 2012 with a mission to connect and inspire the next generation through entertainment and mentorship. To avoid making it sound like every other nonprofit ever created, here are three reasons why you should care about this organization.

A jack of all trades is sometimes better than a master of one

GoBelieve Culture is a one-stop shop for all your needs. From branding design and event planning all the way down to mentorship and tutoring, they’ve got you covered. Don’t need quotes or homework help? Pop over to their sister company Music of the Covenant and get access to great sounds from talented in-house artists Gobbana and TooKnow.

Black owned and black operated

The times we live in are rife with danger for the black community, especially its youth. It’s important for the next generation to see people who look like them in positions of power. Black excellence can only beget black excellence.

The globe is your garden

GoBelieve Culture prides itself on outreach at the local level, but its impact can be felt all over the world. This year it welcomed over forty new summer interns, some of which don’t even live in the United States. The skills and empowerment overseas interns will glean from their time under GoBelieve’s direction has the potential to spread like wildfire. Before you know it, you’ve got a whole motley crew of globetrotting entrepreneurs, planting seeds in and around others and watching them grow.

Invest your time and attention in GoBelieve Culture, the creative melting pot where a feat as simple as believing can carry you far in life.

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