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GoBelieve’s International Internship is a 15 week program where students, or “Believers”, all across the globe work alongside professionals in their chosen field. 


GoBelieve recognizes the reality that employers seek experienced and well-rounded workers. Our “Team Members” are provided with an all inclusive curriculum that offers valuable real-world experience, and the opportunity to connect with clients and other businesses. With these lessons, all Believers will gain the knowledge and critical thinking skills to become successful in their fields and leave their mark on the world.


"I appreciate the detailed feedback to my contributions"
-Illana, Stern College for Women,
Graphic Design Major

“It taught me just how valuable team members can be, personally and professionally”

-Tyler, Albright College,

Music Industry Major with Legal Studies Minor


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intern standout

Thomas is a Music Producer from Argentina with a passion for Music and Marketing. At the age of 10 he started playing the guitar and from there has added over 7 instruments to his repertoire. Living in a country that presents difficulties every day, limited job opportunities for people, especially in the arts areas, and dwindling resources, GoBelieve's mission of equal opportunity for all, resonated with Thomas. Although only 21 years young, Thomas has been producing for 5 years now and during that time has had the opportunity to work on +100 projects for different clients in Argentina and is now building his book of business in the US through the GoGraduate Program. His specialties are beatmaking, recording, mixing and mastering, with experience as a live events sound technician. Through his experience with the Leadership team Thomas has mastered other areas such as areas like marketing and graphic design, and is thankful for the new connections, experiences and confidence in his work,

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thomas santiago vanni marcilla

Nathan Michaels holds a Bachelors in Music with a concentration in Music Industry from James Madison University. During his time at JMU, he designed, mixed, and mastered the JMU Virtual Trombone Choir Initiative, which was designed to engage trombone players of all skill levels from around the state of Virginia during the Coronavirus pandemic. This project involved 90+ participants whose skill levels ranged from beginners to professional. Submissions came from all around the U.S. One was even received from a professional in London, England. 
Along with the JMU Virtual Trombone Choir Initiative, Nathan, alongside his colleagues, created an all-day coronavirus live-stream that featured prominent artists in their fields such as Carl Lundgren, Organizer and Lead Trombone of the Maniacal 4 Trombone Quartet. In his studies, Nathan focused on aspects of the music business such as music publishing, artist management, concert promotion, music law, and entrepreneurship in the music industry. On the side, Nathan is an active freelance trombonist in Southern Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley and has been inducted into GoBelieves Leadership Team and Graduate Program. Nate holds a significant role in the business, marketing, music, internship programs and daily operations of the organization

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Nathan Michaels


We are always looking for new Believers!


Come and join our energetic work environment that constantly offers new challenges!

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