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Using apparel, entertainment, and technology to educate, inspire and empower.


gobeliEve Culture

GoBelieve Culture INC is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2018 by Aaron Pleasant and Kahlil Jackson. Their mission is to aid in providing equal opportunity education for disadvantaged students and teens, using the technology, music, and apparel that appeal to the youth of today to empower and inspire. Our Philadelphia schools year after year struggle to provide proficient education to their overwhelming amount of at risk students and only approximately 63% of students graduate from the 12th grade. 

Khalil and Aaron, two childhood friends who were both raised in one of the North Philadelphia Projects are far too familiar with some of the struggles that the youth in the community face daily, especially academically.  


Since starting GoBelieve, the company has grown into three branches, GoEducation, GoApparel and GoEntertainment, each branch works together to create a culture that has become known throughout the Greater Philadelphia region for boosting the college retention rate through their stage play "Karma 101." The play has toured dozens of colleges, universities, and high schools, impacting the lives of countless students. GoBelieve has since been featured on television networks such as NBC and ABC and was featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer for "Karma 101". Students who participate in the program feel “seen” and inspired and the production is often praised for its realistic portrayal of college life. "Karma 101" was also presented with the Multicultural Program of the Year Award from Penn State.

Currently Karma is in production of its Web-series to continue the good work fighting against even the new challenges presented with online education, lack of resources  due to COVID-19, and “the new normal”.

Go Team


Kahlil "Mrresiduals" jackson

Aaron "Gobbana" Pleasant

"I'm on a mission to help create a more honest America through more honest interactions."

"Your future needs to be attracted to you or you will be trapped within the present."

"We will change your life..."


"...and have fun doing it"


go community

GoBelieve Culture offers a variety of different programs that can be brought to your school or organization. Learn a little bit about each program through these educational videos:

"When I look at Karma 101, I look at a play, an impact, and so many different things on a social level that our students need to understand how to move forward and be the people they envision themselves to be."

Kenneth Hall

Lockhaven University 



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