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The Philadelphia School district struggles year after year to provide proficient education to their overwhelming amount of at-risk students. Aproximately 63% of students graduate from the 12th grade let alone have the opportunity to pursue higher level education.

Now more than ever, GoBelieve is focused on continuing the good work virtually by providing students with on-line resources, mentorship, work experience, job opportunities, and support to students in the surrounding communities and beyond!

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With the vision to create equal opportunity education, the Jump Shot Challenge is a fundraising event designed to raise awareness and provide online academic support for students

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GoBelieve Day is a step by step virtual program uniquely designed to raise awareness, empower, educate and leave each student with the resources needed to succeed.


 Karma 101 is a college-based stage play that addresses the struggles college students face with relevance and humor as the characters grow and change their perspectives on life, school, and friendships.

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GoAct is an event that uses improv techniques to provide students the skills needed to excel in Business, Networking, and Customer Relations.

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GoProfit is a financial literacy workshop which will guide students out of the cycle of poverty by teaching them how to develop a better relationship with their finances.

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