GoBelieve unites, empowers and educates the inner city youth of Philadelphia through out award winning stage play Karma 101, The Jumpshot Challenge, and a game night of Super Smash Bros.

"Karma 101" is a college based stage production created to boost the college retention rate. The stage play is about 8 students from various walks of life dealing with social and academic issues giving viewers the proper way to overcome many situations which can typically end a college career. After the production GoBelieve has a question and answer segment handing out free motivational apparel. High Schools also have the option for a college fair.

Our Gobbana JumpShot Challenge is an event designed to inspire teamwork and create equal opportunity for students. We believe that regardless of where one comes from, access to resources should be the same. Bring the JumpShot Challenge to your school to unite your students and gave fun all while educating yourself on the resources available for your school.

So many people communicate online today whether it be through social media or online gaming. Although it is easier to connect with individuals around the world, our generation lacks basic verbal communication skills. With our Smash Bros tournament we bring millennials together to level up their networking skills. Our event is located in our luxury venue and is a great way to meet peers working and living in the city.



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