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Welcome to GoTutor!

An affordable opportunity to gain academic enrichment outside of the classroom! Our private and experienced tutors help students of all ages reach their full potential by offering them one on one tutoring sessions, valuable advice, and help with school work. Personalized lessons are tailored by our staff to ensure that learners have a positive experience. Students’ grades will not only rise, but their confidence will grow as they realize how capable they truly are!

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Tutoring services

Here at GoTutor, it's our goal to help you succeed! If you have anything you want to tell us or any special requests, make sure to list them on your Tutor-Matching Form. We construct customized programs to meet your educational needs!

One-hour tutoring sessions:

This is a great choice for those who need general help in an area or are looking to get ahead! One-hour sessions are long enough to ensure quality absorption of information but it's also not overwhelming: perfect for any schedule! If you ever want a session longer than one hour, just schedule more!

crash course sessions:

Sometimes, all you need is a quick refresher course, especially before a major test! Our crash courses offer insightful help and valuable preparation. You can schedule the length of your session and decide which aspects of the topic you would like to focus on. 

College and Standardized Test preparation:

Preparing for standardized tests can be stressful. You not only have to study, but you also have to familiarize yourself with the test-taking process. But don't worry! We have you covered! Our team of experienced tutors can help you every step of the way. Get ready for every step with GoTutor! 

Our tutors and mentors will also walk you through the  college admittance process: choosing colleges to apply to that fit you best, applying to those college and relevant scholarships, writing admittance essays, applying for FASFA (federal aid), and answering any questions you might have about college life!  We've gone through all of this before and lived to tell about it; so will you!

ACT/SAT information and practice

ACT/SAT essay help

College ApplicationS and FASFA help


College admittance essays


letters of recommendation  advice


Here at GoTutor, we know that education is not all academic! It is important to have someone you can talk to for general advice regarding school and life outside of it. Some of our most popular mentoring session topics include...

resume and cover letter advice

maintaining a good gpa

balancing personal and school life

co-op/internship guidance

preparing for a new school

staying organized

making yourself stand out in the crowd

finding a job or work-study program

Shoot for free tutoring!

Here at GoBelieve,

we are all about giving back.

That’s why we are hosting our one-of-a-kind Jumpshot Challenge, a fundraiser that earns free tutoring hours for students who participate. The enrollment option for this challenge can be found here as well as under the "Educational Programs" tab.

With the vision to create equal opportunity education, the Jumpshot Challenge is a fundraising event designed to raise awareness and provide online academic support for students, especially in this new era of virtual schooling.
Students will be taught how to acquire sponsors & pledges in order to win free virtual tutoring sessions and other prizes. The Jumpshot Challenge is designed to cultivate entrepreneurship, communication skills, and to inspire students to take ownership of their education.
It is GoBelieve's vision that each student, regardless of their income or socioeconomic environment will have the necessary resources and team then need to overcome the odds and have a shot at academic success.
GoBelieve's Virtual Jumpshot Challenge is an essential part of GoBelieve Day
and the foundation of our continued services to your program & students.
Your school's team will have a chance to bring their game during the first
segment of GoBelieve Day live via ZOOM! Until then students will have a
short time to get as many pledges as possible. Digital info Kits with
instructions, deadlines, and support materials have been attached for
the director, teachers, and students. Encourage students to participate,
decide how you want to select your school team, and let the games begin!
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